TRUCHIRO 6 Week PVA 100+ Training Intensive


Each week we will dive deep into a 60-90 minute live training to ensure your path to a PVA 100 Plus Practice is guaranteed. Each training will be recorded so you can watch them again and again.



I am so confident in the value I’m delivering in this training that I’m offering a FULL MONEY BACK guarantee if you are not satisfied at the end! 

Only 20 Docs will be accepted into this intensive to ensure providing quality services to them!

Special price of $299 if you sign up before September 10th

If you are sick and tired of patients not getting it and constantly looking for new patients. Tired of fighting this uphill battle of trying to “get” patients to stay for care long past symptoms! If practicing chiropractic is not what you thought it should be or could be and isn’t want you signed up for when you decided to be a chiropractor OR you just don’t know how to change your practice from a pain based model to a lifetime wellness based model, then this training is for you!

Our next Program Starts September 19th, 2019. It will run Thursdays at 12pm EST. All sessions are recorded and will be emailed the afternoon of the training so you will still have time to do the homework and watch the training. Plus you can still interact with us in the private FB group.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is for the chiropractor who is ready to CHANGE!

   Testimonial from Dr. Matt Stay, member of our April 2019 PVA intensive:

“I’ve tried a few different trainings and this was by far the best! Not to say that the other Doctors were bad, they just didn’t seem authentic in the sense that they were consistently applying the principles that they were teaching in practice. This is certainly not the case with TRUCHIRO’s 6 week intensive! You can see Dr. Steele’s compassion and authenticity through his social media and patient testimonials. But even more important than that you can tell he cares about chiropractic and the future of this profession.”

 Testimonial from Dr. Eric Smith, member of our April 2019 PVA Intensive:

“This program has not only helped me increase my confidence but also improved the way I educate my patients and set them up into their day one and day two and beyond and really get the results they’re looking for way beyond just the pain based model. It’s given me the structure and methods needed to set this system up and work towards what I want which is having more patient visits and better results. If you’re interested in growing your practice in not only just numbers but in results, I highly suggest you enroll for this excellent 6 week intensive program.”

Doc, If you want to:

  • Make more of an impact in your community and with your patients
  • Increase your income
  • Decrease your stress levels
  • Attract patients who “get it” and want to stay for long term care

There is one measurement, that when increased, does all three of these and more.

That measurement is PVA! How long will a patient stay with you once they start care?

So much focus in the profession today is placed on how many new patients you can get each month. Problem is the average PVA in the chiropractic profession is 10. Which means within a month or two those patients are gone and in order to survive you need more new patients.

What if there were a system that would not only bring you in new patients but the right type of new patients. Patients who want more than just pain relief, patients who are interested in long term care for wellness and patients who will then in turn bring their families in for care and also refer others.

That system exists and I have proven it works. I developed this system which transformed my pain based practice with a PVA of 12 to a lifetime wellness based CASH ONLY practice with a PVA of well over 100.

After 17 years of running a pain based practice, I was burnt out and I retired and was never going to practice again. Several years later I decided to get back in and do things MY WAY!

I started from scratch and went from 0-500 patient visits a week in 6 months and now 4 years later have a PVA of well over 100 and I did it using this 8 step system.

This system and training will teach you how to:

  • Attract new patients who want to stay for a lifetime!
  • Deal with insurance companies and get patients to pay for their care regardless of what their insurance pays.
  • Increase your referrals
  • Create a Day 1 experience that is congruent with lifetime wellness care.
  • Educate your following on a consistent basis while they are away from the office.
  • Ensure your patients follow through with their care plan.
  • Run events that will not only keep your current patients coming back but will attract many of their friends and family.


Our next training will take place on Thursdays at 12pm EST starting September 19th. Each week we will focus on one of the 8 steps in our system.. Again all training will be recorded so you can watch anytime and follow along.

Due to the special price we are offering we are asking two things in return. First if you love the program and only if you love it we are asking for a testimonial we can use to help us reach more docs. Second we are asking that you subscribe to our Truchiro Tribe Membership at $99.95 for one month. This $99.95 charge will appear 4 weeks after you sign up. If you do not feel this is of value to you after trying it for one month then you can cancel but we find that docs who are part of this monthly regular training benefit so much that we want you to at least try it for one month.

Week 1: Certainty Of Your Intention!  Plus Your Gang!

This week will focus on creating certainty in your mind about the truth of chiropractic and the intention of your practice and as your career as a chiropractor. This will be done a number of ways and will continue throughout the entire 6 weeks. This is the most important step and something you will need to stay on top of the rest of your career. We will show you how to do that as well. In addition who you are surrounding yourself with on a regular basis is crucial: Your Gang. We will teach you and give you steps on how to find your gang and specifics related to your gang. Homework included with accountability.

Week 2: Getting Your Financials Straight!

This week will focus on developing a financial model that will remove the one of the greatest obstructions you will encounter in creating a high PVA practice. It does not matter if you are cash, you accept insurance or both, this step is crucial and we will discuss it all in detail. Homework included with accountability.

Week 3: Setting The Stage!

This week will focus on how to set yourself apart from what the public thinks chiropractic is and what other chiropractors are doing and how you are different. There are a number of aspects to doing this. Not only what you say and how your present yourself in public, in person or through marketing, but also once someone enters your office. This weeks training will guide you through this and will include forms, exercises and more to ensure you get this right. Homework included with accountability.

Week 4: Setting The Goal!

This week we will train you on how to make sure you and your patient have the same goal, what that goal should be, how that goal will be tracked and what to do once that goal has been reached. What this ultimately means is what does the care plan look like, how long, how many visits, how will we track and how much it will cost. Very specific ways to ensure that your patient is on the same page as you when it comes to the goals and what to do when they are not. Homework included with accountability.

Week 5: Planning and Hosting Events:

I wanted to call this step “wooing” your patient. The reason being…when you want to spend a lifetime with someone for example in marriage you need to spend time with them. Time away from the office. We will train you on how to set up these events so not only will they increase your retention with your current patients but will lead them to bring their friends and family to you as well. Included this week will be downloads of timelines, lists of to dos and more. Homework with accountability included.

Week 6: Breaking The Paradigm! In The Office And Out Of The Office

This week will focus on continuing to change the patients paradigm. Table talk. What is happening when the patient is on your table. You may only see this patient 3 times a week for 3-4 minutes. Are you planting seeds? Are you building their confidence in you and in chiropractic? What is said while they are on the table is HUGE! We will train you on what to say here and what not to say and how to back it up. Are you following this up after they leave your office. If not you need too. How do you best do this? What platforms? How often? When?  In addition we will work with your team on what they are talking about to the patients. Often times the patients will spend more time interacting with your team than you so it is crucial they are in on this as well. Homework included with accountability.


In addition you will be added to our PRIVATE intensiver members only FB group so we can interact there as well along with the live training.

As a group we will decide best time to do team training for Facebook and of course that will be recorded as well.

If you are ready to take your practice to the next level. If you want OFF the new patient merry go round. If you are ready for someone to lead you, push you, pull you and hold you accountable then sign up today.

Only 20 docs will be accepted. Sign up today before the price increases to $349!

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