If you are ready to move past average, it is time to move from PAIN to BRAIN!

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Ask any 4th grader what controls every function in your entire body and they will surely answer …your brain!

So if we know that the brain controls and coordinates every function in our entire body, why do so many treatments focus on something other than brain function? If we are truly doctors of cause, shouldn’t we be looking at the cause, the inability for the brain and nervous system to adapt to and recover from stress?

If you follow the research, like we do, you will see more and more studies backing up the fact that the brain’s inability to adapt to and recover from stress is at the heart of over 90% of all chronic diseases. Everything from heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, dementia and even neck and low back pain plus much more can be found linked to the brain’s inability to adapt to stress as the cause.

If your patient already knows the brain controls every function in their body and you know that brain dysfunction is at the heart of over 90% of all disease processes, then add on top of that, the chiropractic adjustment has a proven beneficial effect on the brain…why are you still focused on pain?

We have said it before and will say it again, people want what we have, they just don’t know we have it. What is “it”?

We have the answer to their problem, not as pain based chiropractors BUT as Brain Based Chiropractors. When you move from pain to the brain and your focus and intent of care moves to the brain and nervous system, your whole world changes.

Your new patients start coming in from out of nowhere wanting more than just relief care. Your PVA increases. Your case averages increase. Your acceptance rates increase. Your referrals increase. Your income increases and most of all, your love for chiropractic and impact increases.

If that is the type of practice you want, join the revolution today- we will show you the way.

Key points

Increase Your Acceptance Rates

Increase Your Case Averages $$$

Increase PVA

Increase New Patients That Want More Than Just Pain Relief

Increase Referrals/ Families

Increase Income

Decrease Stress

Decrease New Patient Acquisition Costs

Increase Your Love For Chiropractic

Make a Greater Impact


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