Are you looking for a dynamic speaker who will keep your audience engaged, inspire them to reach their full potential and leave them feeling energized and excited about brain based care and caring for the CAUSE of over 90% of all disease?


Co-Founder & President, Brain Based Health Solutions (formerly TRUCHIRO), CEO, NeuroInfiniti

Dr. Clint Steele has developed a brain based  curriculum that he can teach in as little as 1 hour or all the way up to 12 hours on Stress, The Brain, Disease and Brain Based Care: The Science That Brings It All Together Leading To Improved Health and an Improved Human Experience!

Dr. Steele presents research demonstrating the effects of stress on the brain and nervous system leading to disease and how what your profession does can lead to improved changes in both cortical brain wave patterns and limbic systems responses.

This curriculum provides a look at how the new information in neuroscience fits into what you do as a health care professional. This new knowledge has also helped to define frequency, duration and intensity of care based on both the cortical wave patterning and the limbic responses and neurological needs of the patient.


2014-Present Speaker for bi-annual Chiropractic Wellness events, Portland ME
2019-Present Coach/Mentor for Chiropractors, TRUCHIRO, Gorham ME
2020 Speaker, Life West College, Hayward, CA
2020 Speaker Mile High Chiropractic Conference
Speaker Mass Chiropractic Society CE credits
2021 Speaker Maine Chiropractic Association CE credits
2021 Speaker Brain Wave Conference CE credits 2021 Speaker Chiropractic Rocks CE credits
2021 Speaker Michigan Association of Chiropractors
2022 Spring Convention CE credits
2022 Speaker and Organizer Pain To Brain
2022 Speaker Chiro Fest CE credits
2022 Speaker Parker University/Dallas CE credits
2023 Regular Speaker at MC2 Workshops
2023 Speaker, The Elite Retreat, Idaho Falls ID
2023 Speaker, LIFE Vision Extravaganza, Atlanta GA


Dr. Steele went from selling Kirby vacuum cleaners door to door to starting a practice with less than $1000 to his name and in 6 months seeing over 500 patients a week, 100% cash, no in office staff and no advertising.

He did this by making his care about the brain NOT pain! By doing this he not only exploded his practice but instead of just seeing pain patients he saw reversal of diabetes, dementia, kidney disease, anxiety, depression, IBS, Crohn’s disease and so much more.

Today Dr. Clint trains hundreds of practitioners worldwide to move from pain to brain and EXPLODE their practices and SAVE MORE LIVES through very affordable, effective, unique products, services and brain based instrumentation.

Dr. Steele and his wife Tina, live in Maine along with their 6 kids where he still runs his practice part time and together they run Brain Based Health Solutions.


State Of Maine Chiropractic License: CR913


60 mins - 12 hours



It was our great pleasure to have Dr. Clint Steele speak twice for the Michigan Association of Chiropractors (MAC) on the topic of brain-based chiropractic This topic is so important to the profession and Dr. Steele is a foremost expert in this arena. Dr. Steele’s presentations were a fantastic success by any metric and were extremely well received by attendees. His expertise in this area is unquestioned, his entertaining style kept attendees’ attention throughout the presentations, he gives the attendees ways to implement brain-based care into their offices right away, and we will definitely have him speak for us again at subsequent live and/or online continuing education in the future. I would highly recommend Dr. Clint Steele to speak at your event without hesitation.
I have had the distinct honor of introducing Dr. Clint Steele to speak for us on several occasions – both at our Chiropractic Rocks Convention and at our Annual Cranial Facial Release Homecoming Event. His lectures are interesting, informative, and very inspirational. He captivates the audience with his enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject matter, and especially his unique command of the stage. He never disappoints with his exceptional ability to deliver a message from the heart that is genuine, sincere, and always fulfilling. I look forward to having him lecture for us again as a key addition to our speaking Line-up.
“Dr. Steele was a very dynamic and powerful speaker. He kept our attendees engaged the entire time at ChiroFEST!

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