From Pain to Brain- Creating a Lifetime Wellness Brain-Based
Practice With No Shortage of Patients


Brain Based Health Solutions is the brainchild of Dr. Clint Steele. In 1993, Dr. Steele graduated from chiropractic college and set out to change the world’s health. Unfortunately, what he found in the real world was not what he was taught in school. Most people only used chiropractors for neck and low back pain, and insurance companies only paid for musculoskeletal conditions. So, as a new graduate with huge student loan debts to pay off, he focused on those conditions, even though he knew that chiropractic was about so much more.

17 years later he found himself stressed and burnt out, unable to help his patients in the way he always envisioned. He was constantly looking for new patients and fighting with insurance companies to get paid. He had enough and decided to walk away. At the time he was seeing about 140 patient visits a week but the majority of his stress came from the never ending cycle of looking for new patients. His PVA was 12, meaning his patients saw him 12 times on average and then left, never to return. He was 97% insurance based and close to 100% of his practice was pain based.

After walking away from chiropractic he set out to change the world in other ways. He set a goal of performing 1 million acts of kindness in a year. He actually hit over 2.8 million acts of kindness in that year. It was amazing BUT it made no money. So a couple of years later he found himself broke. Not wanting to get back into practice he started selling Kirby vacuum cleaners door to door. About 3 months into it he realized he was not living up to his potential so he came home one day and told his wife that he was getting back into practice, BUT this time he was going to do it the right way. By focusing on the brain and nervous system.

With $1000 to his name, starting in a 700 sq ft office, 100% cash, no employees and no advertising Dr. Steele went from 0 to 500 patient visits a week in 6 months

Today, 10 years later, he has a PVA of well over 200, 100% brain based and he has his love for practice back!. Upon opening his new practice and sharing the truth behind brain based health, he quickly found that most of the people who came to see him had no idea that caring for the brain could help so much more than just neck and low back pain. Although many of these people had seen other practitioners in the past, they had never seen the results they were now seeing under his care. The difference was because Dr. Clint was practicing brain based care. He was changing people’s lives in a way that he had always envisioned and was helping them with so many health conditions. Often, he was asked by his practice members if he knew of any brain based providers in other areas of the country that he could refer to their friends and relatives to. Unfortunately, Dr. Clint had a very hard time making these referrals and found it time consuming to research and find brain based chiropractors in other areas. That’s when the idea of Brain Based Health Solutions was born.

His practice in Maine grew so fast within the first year that Dr. Clint needed more help, which is when his fiancée, at the time, Tina came on board. Tina’s perception of what chiropractic was all about completely transformed once he began to focus on taking care of her brain. She had suffered from chronic back pain for years, had several back surgeries and never went more than a couple of months without severe pain. In the past, Chiropractic had only made it worse or offered temporary relief. Now, under the care of a brain based practitioner, Tina was pain free for the first time in her life and has been for the last few years while under his care. Her mother’s IBS went away, depression lifted, and memory improved after several months of treatment. She saw other family members who were suffering from a variety of health conditions significantly improve as a result of brain based care with Dr. Clint.


She was inspired by all the success stories she saw day in and day out at the office. With a Master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education and over 20 years of experience teaching and educating others, along with her personal experience with and new-found passion for brain based health care, they decided that together they would set out to share the TRUTH of health while changing the world’s health one family at a time through Brain Based Health Solutions.

Tina and Clint reside in Gorham, Maine and together have 6 children, 2 sons and 4 daughters, ranging in ages from 18-30. They run a very successful cash only brain-based practice. They are passionate about educating the masses with the truth of brain-based care and creating significant change in the current landscape of the healthcare system. In addition, they want to inspire other practitioners to reach their fullest potential and join them on their mission, along with supporting them in their practices and helping them achieve the level of success they have had.

How It All Started

The NeuroInfiniti

As a chiropractic student, I heard many stories about patients having great changes in their health issues far beyond the relief of back or neck pain. In fact, while I was interning, I had a young patient with Cerebral Palsy who would have improved muscle control after care, to the point of being able to play baseball.
Once in practice, I continued to see major changes in severe health challenges such as: a 2 year old in a catatonic state from a birth trauma, return to normal function and intelligence over a 5 year period of care. My 32 years of practice experience continued to challenge the concepts of limiting Chiropractic to both the bone on nerve with vertebral subluxation theory and/or a pain relief only profession.

My quest for a better explanation of the power of the brain based care to change people’s lives took me to Colorado, where I met Dr. Annette Long, a clinical Psychologist, and her husband Dr. Alvah Byers a research Psychologist. Both were world experts in brain function and EEG studies.

We started doing pre and post care EEG studies, which revealed major changes in EEG patterns post brain care. Many of the changes, after one session of brain based care, were equal to 50 to 200 sessions of professionally applied neurofeedback training.

As we continued to study the effects of care on brain function, it became obvious that I needed to develop an EEG based system for use in practice. While working on the instrument, I realized that a static assessment (moment in time) was not adequate when working with a dynamic adaptable system.

I realized that while stress is the cause of neurological breakdown, the instrument‘s program had to address the stress response and recovery ability on both “cortical” patterns and “limbic system” responses.  Nothing happens quickly, and after several generations, we have the “NeuroInfiniti” instrument developed specifically for practitioners to use to care for the CAUSE of health issues and symptoms. 

The scientific research being provided today on the effects of the brain based care’s ability to improve brain function finally explains those remarkable patient responses in all of those earlier practice experiences.

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