Dinner With The Doc Training




Dr. Clint Steele, Founder of TRUCHIRO has been in practice for 25 years. He transformed his practice from a low PVA (12) pain based practice to a high PVA (100+) Lifetime wellness based, CASH ONLY practice and is now helping other Docs do the same. 

In this 90 minute training session he will teach you how to:

  • Fill the seats for your dinner easily, without advertising.
  • Present the TRUTH of chiropractic
  • How to close a minimum of 90% of your guests at the dinner, and schedule them right then and there for appointments
  • Turn guests into life time wellness patients who will pay for your service

This online live interactive training will increase your new patients! Increase your retention for current patients! And will increase re-activations with patients who have stopped care!

From this training you will learn:

  • When and where to schedule your dinners
  • How to market your dinners and fill the seats without having to advertise
  • How to effectively plan for your dinner, ie. set up, menu, confirming guests etc
  • What props and materials you should bring to dinner
  • How to ensure your guests show up
  • What instructions to give to servers and kitchen at dinner to minimize distractions
  • How to run the dinner ( length, breaks, food service etc)
  • How to present your talk at the dinner to ensure new patients “get it” and will not only start care but continue with care long after symptoms are gone (and will be happy to pay for care and refer others.)
  • How to effectively close the dinner and guarantee that a minimum of 90% of guests will sign up for care
  • How to leave your dinner with new patients in the books.
  • What do to following the dinner

Hosting Dinners with the Doc is a MUST if you want regular new practice members coming in each month without having to chase them. Not only will they sign on for care but they will stay long after symptoms are gone because they will “get it” as a result of all the information you shared at the dinner plus other additional steps we will share with you. 

To learn more about this training and other services TRUCHIRO provides set up a FREE discovery call with Dr. Clint or Tina Steele of TRUCHIRO at https://calendly.com/drclintsteele/30min and request to join our FREE private FB group at, https://www.facebook.com/groups/pva100pluschiro/.