Dr. Clint Steele

Founder of Brain Based Health Solutions

Dr. Steele graduated from chiropractic school at the tender age of 23 in 1993. With his doctorate in hand he set out to change the world through chiropractic. He was quickly brought back to reality however with a public that just wanted him for neck and low back pain and an insurance industry that only paid for those conditions. So, needing to pay his bills and raise a family he fell into the “trap”. 17 stress-filled years later he quit with the intention to never practice again…or so he thought. His “retirement” savings went quickly and 3 years later he found himself selling Kirby vacuum cleaners door to door. That along with a letter from his grandmother stating how “he should be ashamed of himself for wasting his life” made him seriously evaluate where he was at. It was at this time that he decided to get back into practice BUT this time the right way…focusing on the brain and nervous system.

Completely broke with no credit and only $1000 to start his new practice, he began practicing in a 700 sq ft office 100% cash. He began sharing the TRUTH of health with his community and very quickly built a practice from 0-500 PVW in 6 months. Today he enjoys a low stress, low overhead practice with a PVA of well over 150.

He has virtually stopped accepting new patients as most of the patients he started with 5 years ago are still coming in each and every week , not because they have pain or symptoms, but because they know regular brain based care is good for them.

Shortly after getting back into chiropractic and sharing the TRUTH, he quickly realized that he needed to help other docs share the TRUTH of health with their communities and enjoy the benefits he was experiencing. So, with his beautiful wife Tina (who holds a  Masters Degree in higher education and  helped educate their community while building the practice) they decided to start a business that was  focused on educating the public all over the world about the TRUTH of chiropractic. They began helping chiropractors transform their pain based practices into lifetime wellness based practices by changing the focus from pain to brain. As they continued to research caring for the brain it became apparent that other professions also had an influence on brain function as well. That along with the fact that other professions found them and started using their technology and their systems they decided it was time for a brand change. 

It was at that point they decided to rebrand and together, they co-founded Brain Based Health Solutions and are helping practitioners all over the world transform their practices. Their private FB group called Pain to Brain Practice Solutions is growing fast and now has over 2000 providers in it.

Dr. Steele and his wife Tina, live in Gorham Maine and together have 6 kids. He spends two half days a week in practice now, with the rest of his time devoted to helping and mentoring other practitioners. They are on a mission to share this TRUTH with the world and help other practitioners, explode their practices and SAVE MORE LIVES! 

Tina Steele

Co-Founder Brain Based Health Solutions

Tina Steele has her Master’s degree in higher education and is married to Dr. Clint Steele. Their journey together began 10 years ago when they met while Clint was “retired” from chiropractic. At that time she wouldn’t let him care for her health as she had some bad experiences with Chiropractic.

After Clint spent some considerable time educating her about the TRUTH of brain care, her mindset about it began to shift and she started getting care. It transformed her life in a number of ways. After three back surgeries and chronic pain for years, she was no longer suffering as a result of regular brain based care. Not just that but a number of other health issues resolved! She had no idea brain based care could help with so many health issues. Clint was also caring for family members who were seeing improvement in anxiety, IBS, depression and more!

She became so passionate about brain based care and sharing this TRUTH with others that she left her career in higher education when Clint got back into practice to help him build it. Together, they developed a system to educate their following with the truth of brain based care and Clint went from 0-500 patient visits a week in just 6 months! Rather than just staying for 10-12 visits, patients were signing on for 6-12 month care plans then moving into protective care after because they understood how important regular brain based care was to their health!

Together, they Co-Founded Brain Based Health Solutions to help share the TRUTH of brain based care with the masses by creating programs to help other practitioners change the focus from pain (symptoms) to brain and create lifetime wellness brain based practices. They are passionate about helping docs save more lives!

Tina and Dr. Clint Steele reside in Gorham Maine and together, have 6 children. They love spending their time with family, traveling and boating on the lake!

DeDe Van Riper

NeuroInfini/Brain Based Health Solutions Sales Manager

DeDe has worked in many different aspects of the heath care profession over the course of her career. She started her journey as a Chiropractic assistant almost 30 years ago. Those early years, working with patients on a daily basis, had a profound effect on her that would last for the rest of her life. She developed a passion for helping others with their health – and the health of their loved ones – that can only come from firsthand experience of what is possible. More importantly, she has seen what it has done for her own family.

Over the years her roles have changed, and technology has changed, but the one thing that drives her the most remains the same: there are so many people in the world who are suffering in one form or another who don’t know that there are answers to their challenges. There are parents of sick children who would literally do anything they can to help their children get better, but they don’t know they have options available to them. DeDe is astounded by the advances in brain based technology especially now with the NeuroInfinit and all that it can do.

She has personally trained and supported clients around the world about the many benefits of the NeuroInfiniti, Brain Based Care and Brain Based Wellness. For over twenty-five years she has made great strides in – and takes great pride in – helping doctors get the Big Idea. Most recently she has been working part time to assist one of her NeuroInfiniti clients by performing all of the Neurofeedback for his patients. Working directly with patients again and seeing the many benefits from the care they are receiving has sparked an old flame for her. DeDe knows she has helped many people through the work she has done with other doctors, However, she had forgotten how amazing it is to experience firsthand seeing someone get their health back, their spouse back, their child back…and quite literally get their life back. To DeDe, there is no better feeling.

Amber Foreman

Executive Assistant

Amber Foreman is a crucial part of the Brain Based Health Solutions team as she helps coordinate and support all of our program offerings. Her background is in management. She truly enjoys helping others, especially helping brain based practitioners share the TRUTH of brain based health care. She is a big believer in the importance of regular brain based care to maintain true health. Amber and her husband Jason reside in Colorado and have 3 children.

Colt Steele

Director of the Live Right For Your Brain Type Patient Resell Program

Colt Steele was born and raised in Lewiston, Maine. He grew up playing many different sports but was most passionate about hockey, which he started playing at the age of 3 and began officially training for at the age of 9. His efforts paid off and he was able to fulfill his childhood dream of playing college hockey at Liberty University. Colt graduated from Liberty University in 2018 with a focus in health and exercise sciences. After graduation, Colt obtained his advanced certified personal training certification.
He was accepted into Logan Chiropractic College and had planned to follow in both of his parents footsteps to become a chiropractor, but was instead drawn to helping individuals create healthy lifestyles and improving their brain health through lifestyle changes and exercise. Colt has combined his passions for brain based care, exercise, and his experience in strength and conditioning training to help create the Live Right For Your Brain Type Patient Resell Program. Colt has taken the most beneficial aspects he has learned over his training experiences and combined them to help people add life to their years and years to their life.

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