Take a few minutes and pay attention to how you breathe.

Proper breathing decreases the risk of disease AND improves immune system strength!

Many people are “shallow breathers” as a reaction to environmental stressors.

Breathing in a shallow way keeps the body in a cyclical state of stress; stress causing shallow breathing and shallow breathing causing stress. This activates the sympathetic nervous system which keeps the body in constant “fight or flight” mode.

Long term shallow breathing can have serious health consequences.

According to John Luckovich, an Integrative Breathwork Facilitator in Brooklyn, NY, “the chronic stress that is associated with shallow breathing results in lower amounts of lymphocyte, a type of white blood cell that helps defend the body from invading organisms, and lowers the amounts of proteins that signal other immune cells. The body is then susceptible to contracting acute illness, aggravating pre-existing medical conditions, and prolonging healing times. It is also a precursor for cardiovascular issues”. (headpsace.com)

This is important information with all that is going on right now. Working on proper breathing techniques will calm the sympathetic nervous system and keep you less susceptible to illness and disease.

Not just that but other benefits of bringing attention to your breathing include:

  • Reduces stress levels in your body
  • Lowers your heart rate
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Improves diabetic symptoms
  • Reduces depression
  • Being better able to manage chronic pain
  • Better regulates your body’s reaction to stress and fatigue

It’s also important to note that chiropractic adjustments will help reduce the stress on your nervous system and facilitate relaxation in the body which will allow you to take less breaths per minute.

Practicing proper breathing techniques AND getting adjusted regularly are 2 of the best things you can be doing for your health right now.

This week we will be sharing information with you to help you breathe properly including techniques that you can use to help you focus on your breaths and break the pattern of shallow breathing.

Take charge of your health and get adjusted.


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