With Christmas just a few days away, there is going to be a lot of gift wrapping going on!

The way you wrap presents matters and doing it incorrectly can cause damage to your spine and place added stress on your brain and nervous system that if left untreated, can lead to health issues.

Here are 6 tips to help you wrap presents in a way that will protect your spine and help keep you healthy.


1. Avoid sitting on the floor

Use a table top counter that is at waist level, or the dining room table with a comfortable, supportive chair. This ensures you are using your arms, rather than your back.


2. Wear comfortable and supportive shoes if standing

It’s important that you don’t wrap presents standing barefoot and if possible stand on a memory foam mat.


3. Create a gift wrapping station

Clear off the table and keep wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbons, and any other materials you may need at arm’s length.


4. Wrap in shorter sessions

Don’t wait until the last minute and then wrap 25 presents at once. Wrap several presents at a time and then go back to it later or another day.


5. Use gift bags

Skip the strain of wrapping all together and buy cute and festive gift bags to use instead.


6. Don’t forget to stretch

Loosen up your muscles and joints before you start wrapping and then take stretch breaks during. This will help minimize pain.
Your body is already under enough stress during this busy time of year, don’t add to it by wrapping presents in a way that will compound that stress.

And remember, Chiropractic adjustments can help reduce stress on your brain and nervous system helping you enjoy the holiday season even more.

Happy wrapping!

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TRUCHIRO is the brain child of Dr. Clint Steele. In 1993 Dr. Steele graduated from chiropractic college and set out to change the world’s health. Unfortunately, what he found in the real world was not what he was taught in school.

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