4 Myths When It Comes To High Blood Pressure


1) My blood pressure is genetic. No matter what I was bound to get it.

Dating back to the 1980’s and 1990’s, research has shown in over 95% of diseases that your genes DO NOT cause disease. This includes high blood pressure. The research has shown us that something has to turn those genes on. That something is your environment or your lifestyle choices.


2) In order to lower my blood pressure I have to go on medication.

There are numerous ways to lower your blood pressure instead of going on medication. Research has shown the following things to be effective in doing this:

Regular exercise, meditation, yoga, appropriate levels of daily water intake, changing your diet, reducing stress AND Regular chiropractic adjustments.


3) Thanks to my medication my blood pressure is normal so I am healthy now.

This is also known as the band-aid effect. Placing a band-aid on a cut does not allow it to heal. You do not see the cut and yes the band aid helps to keep it clean but it does not promote the healing. Medication does not “fix” your high blood pressure. The underlying cause still remains an issue and blood pressure meds do not fix that. In fact, medications could make the underlying cause of the high blood pressure worse by making you believe you have it under control when in reality the root cause of the high blood pressure continues to worsen.


4) The only doctor who can help me with high blood pressure is my medical doctor.

The above mentioned information are all things your chiropractor is educated about. Chiropractors are trained in teaching about lifestyle changes to help reduce stress levels. They are also trained in looking for the cause of health conditions instead of relying on medications to cover up symptoms.

In addition chiropractic adjustments reduce stress on the brain and nervous system. And lastly, chiropractic adjustments have been shown in research to be MORE effective than 2 of the leading blood pressure medications used in combination to help reduce blood pressure.

Who do you know who suffers from high blood pressure? We can help!


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