Beware of Pandemic Rage.

We are living in a very different world since Covid-19 hit, which has led to children and adults getting angrier and having emotional meltdowns.

School closings, job loss, quarantine, masks, and financial distress are causing tempers to flare all around the country.

Uncontrolled anger is harmful to your health and can lead to things like:

▪️ Relationship problems
▪️ Increased risk of heart disease and stroke
▪️ Weakened immune system function
▪️ Decreased lung function
▪️ Increased anxiety and depression
▪️ Substance abuse
▪️ Behavioral issues

Research also shows that anger can be a sign of brain dysfunction. In a study published in The Annals of Clinical Psychiatry, brain SPECT imaging studies were done on 40 individuals who had “physically attacked another person or destroyed property as well as 40 non-aggressive people as controls”.

What is interesting to note is that this study showed decreased activity in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain in those who were deemed “aggressive.” Low activity in this area is associated with poor impulse control.

How does this relate to chiropractic you ask?

Research has shown that a chiropractic adjustment actually helps to improve activity in the brain specifically in the area of the prefrontal cortex.

This is why so many chiropractors across the world have patients who regularly state that their “road rage” is getting better or that their “anger issues” are improving.

One of the best things you can be doing to combat “pandemic rage”, decrease your stress levels, and ensure that you are taking care of your health is to get adjusted.



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