Environmental Working Group (EWG) published a report in May of last year indicating that nearly 75% of sunscreens don’t work and they contain concerning toxic ingredients that are absorbed into the body.

New FDA testing of chemical sunscreens show that six common active ingredients are absorbed into the body and bloodstream and may linger for days or even weeks, at “concentrations that surpass an important FDA threshold.”

These ingredients include:

▪ Avobenzone
▪ Oxybenzone
▪ Octocrylene
▪ Homosalate
▪ Octisalate
▪ Octinoxate

Several of these ingredients have been linked to hormone and endocrine disruption and premature birth and low birth weights, with the most concerning ingredient being oxybenzone.

Obviously this is concerning for pregnant moms however, the underlying issue should be of concern to anyone who uses it. And that issue is, the toxins that are absorbed into the body.

Additional proof of this toxicity was found in a Danish study where “Danish researchers reported that 8 of 13 chemical sunscreen ingredients allowed in the U.S. affected the calcium signaling of male sperm cells in laboratory tests, which the researchers suggest could reduce male fertility” (Endocrine Society 2016).

There is still research being done on the safety of sunscreen ingredients but with the knowledge that we do already have, we recommend that you opt for mineral sunscreens instead. They are safer and not linked to dangerous health issues.
Look for the ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, specifically. Mineral sunscreens are also safer for the aquatic environment which is one of the reasons, (along with health concerns in humans), sunscreens containing the toxic ingredients mentioned above have been banned in the following areas: Palau, US Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Key West, Bonaire and Mexico.

The reason chiropractic plays a role in regards to these chemicals is the amount of stress that they place on the body, specifically the brain and nervous system. This stress creates various health issues.

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown in research to help the brain and nervous system better adapt to these stressors which will help keep you healthy and well.

It is vitally important to your health to use non toxic sunscreens and get your regular chiropractic adjustments.


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