“Glyphosate is a synthetic herbicide that was patented in 1974 by the Monsanto Company and is now manufactured and sold by many companies in hundreds of products and has been associated with cancer and other health concerns. Glyphosate is best known as the active ingredient in Roundup-branded herbicides”.

It is the most widely used pesticide on food crops in the U.S. and “Americans’ exposure to it has increased approximately 500% since Roundup ready GMO crops were introduced in the U.S. in 1996.”

The World Health Organization’s International Agency For Research on Cancer (IARC) classified glyphosate “as probably carcinogenic to humans after reviewing years of published and peer reviewed scientific studies”. Furthermore they concluded that there was a “particular association between glyphosate and non hodgkins lymphoma”.

“Studies have found glyphosate exposure to be linked to anywhere from a 41 to 70 percent increased risk of non hodgkin’s lymphoma and an increased risk in bladder cancer”

Other research shows that it can cause endocrine disruption and it has also been linked to “liver disease, birth defects and reproductive problems in laboratory animals: and may kill beneficial gut bacteria and damage the DNA in human embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells.”

“Since the International Agency on Research on Cancer found glyphosate to be probably carcinogenic in 2015, a number of countries have banned or restricted glyphosate use.” The U.S. has been slow to ban it so some U.S. states/cities have taken it upon themselves to ban the use of glyphosate on crops.

Glyphosate can be found in many of the foods you eat and feed your children which includes common cereals and snacks. Honey nut cheerios is one of the worst culprits with “too-high glyphosate levels”.

Glyphosate is a toxin and not only a cause for major health concerns like cancer but also adds significant stress to your nervous system which can lead to a whole host of other health issues.

Chiropractors, through chiropractic adjustments, improve brain and nervous system function so that your body can better adapt to these stressors to help keep you healthy and well.

We will be sharing a lot of information this week with you about glyphosate along with foods that contain it.

We urge you to take charge of your health and stop consuming foods that contain this harmful herbicide…….AND to get adjusted.



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