If you have been struggling with fertility issues or plan on trying to conceive soon, what you eat matters.

You may be thinking, “how does what I eat effect my ability to get pregnant?”

The answer comes down to stress, in this case chemical stress. When your brain is under too much stress, especially over a long period of time it responds very differently than when it is relaxed.

Instead of releasing hormones that help to balance your estrogen and progesterone levels for example that encourage a normal cycle and the ability to get pregnant, your brain focuses on releasing hormones to allow your body to deal with that stress, hormones like cortisol.

Your diet plays a key role in this.

“Diets high in unsaturated fats, whole grains, vegetables, and fish have been associated with improved fertility in both women and men. While current evidence on the role of dairy, alcohol, and caffeine is inconsistent, saturated fats, and sugar have been associated with poorer fertility outcomes in women and men.”

Here are some other diet tips that can help naturally boost your fertility:
•Eat foods rich in antioxidants
•Eat fewer refined carbs
•Eat more fiber
•Cut out caffeine
•Add a multivitamin
•Avoid excess alcohol

In addition to diet, it’s important that your brain and nervous system are functioning optimally. This is where regular chiropractic adjustments come into play.

Case studies of 11 women, all experiencing at least 3 year of infertility issues were studied. In all 11 cases, within 5 months of starting chiropractic care all 11 of them became pregnant.

If you are trying to get pregnant make sure to be getting adjusted regularly.


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