Many people believe or have been told incorrect information when it comes to high blood pressure. This video will uncover 4 of these myths. If you or someone you know suffers from high blood pressure this video could help save their life.

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For additional help please contact your chiropractor. If you do not have a chiropractor please contact the office who shared this and if you are not local to that chiropractor please find one in our searchable database at Also be sure to download our FREE phone app, TRUCHIRO, in the apple store or google play. We use it to run various health challenges, provide more information to help you live a healthier life and so much more.

About Truchiro

TRUCHIRO is the brain child of Dr. Clint Steele. In 1993 Dr. Steele graduated from chiropractic college and set out to change the world’s health. Unfortunately, what he found in the real world was not what he was taught in school.

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