Did you know that the first chiropractic adjustment, performed 123 years ago, had nothing to do with back pain? (If this comes as a shock, welcome to the TRUCHIRO blog. We’ve been expecting you.)


In September of 1895, a newspaper headline could have very well read – Chiropractic Cures Deafness!


A man named Harvey Lillard took a bad fall, heard a pop in his neck, and shortly thereafter lost his hearing.


Upon hearing about Mr. Lillard’s condition, another man named D.D. Palmer, a magnetic healer, offered to give Mr. Lillard an examination. What he found during this exam were misalignments in the C1 and C2 vertabrae in the neck.


Mr. Palmer then restored alignment to Mr. Lillard’s upper spine, unsure exactly what the outcome would be. (Are you on the edge of your seat? Excellent.)


Shortly after this landmark event – the first-ever chiropractic adjustment – Mr. Lillard’s hearing came back in full. Which led Mr. Palmer to conclude, rightly so, that restoring alignment, and the nervous system, can have beneficial effects throughout the body.


Hello, Science! Thanks for Joining Us


More than 123 years later, with the wonders of advanced technologies and much scientific research, we now know that Mr. Lillard’s recovery had everything to do with removing nerve interference.


Studies have shown, in no uncertain terms, that a subluxation (misalignment) can interfere with the brain’s ability to communicate with the body and vice versa. And if you are a first-time reader, this is where you think, that doesn’t sound so bad.


Sound bad? No.


Is bad? YES!


You see, your central nervous system is the most important, and oddly underappreciated, system in your body. Sure, the digestive system gets a lot of press these days, and the immune system struts around like it’s Number 1 all the time. But when your digestive system isn’t working right, it affects your digestion.


When your nervous system isn’t working properly, good luck. Because it can affect any organ, any system, and any function in your entire body. And what causes this nerve interference and miscommunication between body and brain through your nervous system? Nerve interference in your spine.


It’s all about pressure. Did you know that the weight of a single dime on your nervous system can produce catastrophic health problems? It is enough weight to stop nerve flow conduction 40-60%!


Chiropractic care isn’t a cure for any one condition or symptom or disease. Chiropractic care is about eliminating nerve interference, restoring brain to body communication, and keeping the system most responsible for your good (or bad) health – the central nervous system – functioning at its most optimal.


Now stop and think a moment. That sciatica pain you have; could that be a nervous system problem? How about your anxiety? Or depression? The truth is that when your body is out of alignment, you can experience those problems, as well as bladder incontinence, digestive issues, vision problems … the list is endless. As in literally endless.


If you’re eating healthy and exercising and reducing toxic overload, you’re on your way to being healthy well into old age and beyond (beyond?). But if you’re ignoring the health of your spine and central nervous system, how healthy can you really be?


Warning: Not all chiropractors get this. Some are focused solely on treating neck and back pain. The trick is to find a TRUCHIRO, a chiropractor who understands the importance of keeping the nervous system healthy, along with the problems that can arise when it’s not.


Put your body into a position to heal itself. (That position, by the way, is straight.)


Go to TRUCHIRO.org today and find a chiropractor that can offer TRUCHIROPRACTIC care that will ensure you have a lifetime of health and wellness. Because chiropractic care isn’t a one-time thing. Much like brushing your teeth, exercising, and unfortunately (in some cases) going to work.


The nervous system is the most important system in the body because it controls and regulates every system in your body. It does this by allowing your brain to send specific messages to every cell, tissue, organ, muscle and joint in your entire body. When this communication becomes interfered your body will not function as it should and left untreated will lead to symptoms and disease. TRUCHIROs locate and correct these interferences allowing your brain to communicate properly so your body can heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. For more information about TRUCHIROPRACTIC or where you can find a TRUCHIRO please visit us at www.truchiro.org

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About Truchiro

TRUCHIRO is the brain child of Dr. Clint Steele. In 1993 Dr. Steele graduated from chiropractic college and set out to change the world’s health. Unfortunately, what he found in the real world was not what he was taught in school.

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