While that title, and sentiment, may seem strange to you, consider this: What’s the first thing you do when holding a newborn baby? Support the head and neck, right?


Why do we do this? Because if we don’t, we can stress their brain stem and cause significant damage.


Around 66% of all adults over the age of 40 had either a forceps or vacuum delivery. This is important because each of those delivery methods exerts between 140 – 170 pounds of axial force on the cervical spine.


Food for thought: Which do you think is worse – delivering a baby using forceps, or picking up a baby and not supporting the head? Well, obviously neither is ideal.


Thankfully today there aren’t nearly as many instances of forceps or vacuum deliveries. However, even a normal, natural birth still exerts considerable pressure on the newborn’s cervical spine, which can cause subluxation (misalignment), and ultimately nerve interference.


Why is nerve interference important?


Simply put, nerve interference disrupts communication between your brain and body. This communication keeps everything running properly, including your organs and all the systems in your body. When there’s a disruption, it prevents the messages from your brain from getting where they need to go and illness, disease and even behavioral issues can set in.


A 1992 study by Dr. Gutman looked at 600 children under the age of two who all had normal births. What he found was that 80% of them suffered from brain stem tissue microtrauma due to misalignments of the C1 and C2 vertebrae.


Your brain stem comes out of the back of your skull and extends down to the upper cervical spine which is the C1 and C2 vertebrae. And as you can see, it’s an area of concern regardless of the delivery method.


So, what does nerve interference look like in a newborn? It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly, but the following symptoms are common:


  • Sleeping issues
  • Colic
  • Ear infections
  • Contipation
  • Fussiness
  • Hip issues
  • Fever
  • Eating issues
  • Digestive issues


The good news is that the majority of nerve interference to newborns can be easily corrected through a procedure called cervical chiropractic adjustment, which clears up most symptoms.


In that 1992 study, parents also noted other improvements in their child’s health as a result of removing nerve interference. But this is something we see everyday in our office. Patients come in for one specific symptom, and later they discover that other problems or issues have subsided as well.


In his concluding remarks, Dr. Gutman stated that doctors should be checking all newborns and children for nerve interference in the upper cervical spine and for range of motion issues at the levels of C1 and C2.


Sadly, he also noted something that’s still true today: Most doctors don’t check.


The truth is that even without symptoms, problems may persist. Which is why it’s so important to have your children, and especially your newborn, checked by a TRUCHIRO. Chiropractic adjustments for newborns are super gentle and often times will soothe a fussing baby.


Another study discovered exactly that – nerve interference can produce symptoms immediately, 10 days later, or 10 years later. That’s 10 years of damage. Because symptoms or not, when there’s nerve interference, there’s damage occurring as a result of it.


A TRUCHIRO can determine if your newborn does have nerve interference and can correct that nerve interference.


The key to a healthy body lies in a healthy nervous system, and that system is reliant on a healthy spine. When you’re properly aligned, and your nervous system is functioning optimally, your entire body is operating as it should, and able to heal itself when problems occur. Consider it your foundation to great health. Literally!


The nervous system is the most important system in the body because it controls and regulates every system in your body. It does this by allowing your brain to send specific messages to every cell, tissue, organ, muscle and joint in your entire body. When this communication becomes interfered your body will not function as it should and left untreated will lead to symptoms and disease. TRUCHIROs locate and correct these interferences allowing your brain to communicate properly so your body can heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. For more information about TRUCHIROPRACTIC or where you can find a TRUCHIRO please visit us at www.truchiro.org

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TRUCHIRO is the brain child of Dr. Clint Steele. In 1993 Dr. Steele graduated from chiropractic college and set out to change the world’s health. Unfortunately, what he found in the real world was not what he was taught in school.

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