Is Chiropractic Care the New Fountain of Youth?

You’ve probably heard some version of the following sentiment: It sucks getting old! But does it really have to suck? And is there a simple way to make your golden years more … golden?

Time only moves in one direction, theoretically, and all of us are aging every minute of every day. But there’s a difference between chronological aging and physical aging. Chronological aging we can’t do anything about – short of Thelma and Louise-ing ourselves off a cliff. However, physical aging is something we have a lot of control over.

The disease process can take decades to finally manifest itself, which means many of you reading this might be quite a bit along in that process and not realize it. After all, arterial plaquing is now being discovered in 10 and 11-year-olds. Which means being diligent and proactive, regardless of your chronological age, is the key to staying physically younger longer.


Telomeres: The Fountain of Youth

Telomeres have been getting a lot of attention the last few years, and for good reason. Researchers have determined that the length of your telomeres determines how much physical aging has occurred. Short is bad. Long is good.

Telomeres are the end caps of your DNA. They tend to shrink over time, as part of the normal process of cell replication and division. However, there are things you can do that will increase the speed at which they shrink. And there are even things you can do that will not only halt their shrinking, but actually increase their length.

Think of telomeres like the plastic bits on the end of your shoelaces. If you wear those laces long enough, eventually the ends will become frayed, and get shorter and shorter, until finally they disappear, and that shoelace becomes unusable. When your telomeres disappear, you also become unusable.


The Chronic Stress Connection

Short-term stress is a good thing, as it’s part of our fight or flight response. If you’re suddenly being chased by a grizzly, that response just may save your life. And once the threat subsides, so does the stress response.

Chronic stress is different. It isn’t activated by an actual threat. And it lingers in the body wreaking havoc to organs, tissues, and even telomeres.

In the book, The Immortality Edge, Nobel prize-winning genetic researchers proposed the idea that stress hormones cause aging. Hormones like cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine have an inverse relationship with telomere length. As those stress hormones become elevated, telomere length decreases.

Also in the book, the researchers discuss how telomere shortening disrupts cellular function, which promotes accelerated aging, and creates an environment where disease can grow and flourish.


The Chiropractic Adjustment Connection

A 2011 study in the Journal of Alternative and Therapeutic Medicine proved that there is a relationship between chiropractic adjustments and the inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system. When your sympathetic nervous system becomes overworked and overstressed, it produces those nasty stress hormones that have been shown to decrease telomere length.

Which means that chiropractic adjustments can help decrease the production of stress hormones, which decreases the risk of telomere shortening. But can these same adjustments actually INCREASE the length of your telomeres?

Turns out the answer to that question might be yes!

We now have blood tests that can measure telomere length. A recent case study involving a 35-year-old Georgia woman who was having neck and lower back pain revealed that prior to receiving chiropractic adjustments, she had one of these blood tests.

After 36 chiropractic adjustments for her back issues, and with no other changes to her diet or lifestyle, the woman’s blood was tested again. And the results? To everyone’s surprise, her telomeres got longer!


Consistency is Key

You don’t go the gym one time and expect that to accomplish anything significant. Same goes for eating just one healthy meal. So why do we view chiropractic care as a once-in-a-while, as-needed part of wellness? Rather than the ongoing, preventative care plan that it actually is.

Being healthy requires regular exercise, consistent healthy-eating habits, and daily and weekly routines designed to keep us operating at peak capacity, which includes feeling physically younger than your chronological age. Perhaps it’s time to view chiropractic care as another part of your healthy routine.

TRUCHIRO is about keeping the body and spine aligned and healthy. It’s about keeping your nervous system healthy and removing the interference that occurs as a result of a body out of alignment. But mostly it’s about putting your body into a position where it can heal itself, including keeping those telomeres long and strong.


The nervous system is the most important system in the body because it controls and regulates every system in your body. It does this by allowing your brain to send specific messages to every cell, tissue, organ, muscle and joint in your entire body. When this communication becomes interfered your body will not function as it should and left untreated will lead to symptoms and disease. TRUCHIROs locate and correct these interferences allowing your brain to communicate properly so your body can heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. For more information about TRUCHIROPRACTIC or where you can find a TRUCHIRO please visit us at

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