You walk into the gym for the first time since… well let’s just say it has been awhile since you graced this gym or any gym for that matter with your presence. You look around trying to figure out what to do first as you pretend to stretch  so you at least look like you know what you are doing until you figure it out as you feel dozens of eyeballs staring you down. You slowly make your way to a machine, any machine, just so you can get started and feel like you are ok with being in the gym. You do a few reps and then slowly get into a groove. It is slowly coming back to you and you are able to finish your first workout in years. As you walk out you think, “ ya I think I will be back tomorrow.”

The next day you show up and get another workout in and the next day same thing. Wow…three days in a row “ I am going to be looking good!” you think to yourself. The first week is done and tomorrow is your first day off after a few workouts. The plan for tomorrow is to get on the scale to see how much weight you have lost and look in the mirror so you can see how great your body looks after all this work.

You wake up the next morning and sure enough step on the scale. “HMMMM, I have only lost one pound? That is odd. I must have gained a couple of pounds of muscle I guess so it is not showing up on the scale you tell yourself. “I know, I will check myself out in the mirror and that will show the change for sure,”  you tell yourself. You walk over to the mirror and take your shirt off to show all the progress you have made so far. “This is going to be awesome.”  On goes the light as you stare into the mirror.  My stomach looks the same, my rolls are still there, my arms are just as flabby as last week. This is nuts…I haven’t changed at all! What is going on? Something is wrong. I know what it is, it’s the gym. That place is a joke. I am going back there and getting my money back. That’s it, it’s the gym!


A bit of sarcasm here and hopefully you find this at least a little humorous. It is ridiculous to think that a week of workouts is going to give you your dream body. After all, years of letting things go is not going to be fixed in the matter of a week.

This is true of not only your physical shape and weight but it is also true of your health. Years of damage takes its toll on your physical and emotional health even if you may not know it for years. Almost every day we have some kind of trauma to our bodies. It may be a major trauma such as a fall or car accident etc. It may be a micro trauma such as staring at your phone for 4-5 hours or sitting at a desk and staring at your computer for 8 hours. It may be emotional stress/trauma, the worry of paying a bill or the worry of a child.  It may be a toxin of some kind…maybe you drank too much last night or your habit of smoking a pack a day or maybe you are painting a room in the house and the fumes from the paint are too much for you. Over the course of years these things all add up to cause too much stress on your nervous system until finally your nervous system just can’t take it any longer. This may be going on for years before you even know about it but trust me this is going on.

Then one day you wake up and you have indigestion or one day you notice you are getting dizzy and a follow up visit to your doctor shows you have high blood pressure. Or maybe you suddenly feel anxious or depressed. In most cases this just did not happen overnight. It is something that has been building and building over years. So now you go to your doctor and want it fixed. He/she gives you a pill and BAM…you are all set. Symptoms gone, you are good to go right…WRONG!!! You may no longer notice the symptoms but trust me you are far from good to go. In fact, you have just taken a step down a path that will eventually make you worse…causing more health issues and more symptoms. Covering up your symptoms is not the answer as the cause of the problem will only worsen and lead to other health issues not to mention the side effect of the medications you are taking will additionally cause more health problems.


There is however a way to fix this and fix it the right way. Your body was made to be self-healing, your body knows how to heal itself and CAN and WILL heal itself under the right conditions. The problem comes in when the communication from your brain (the control center of every part of your body) to your body encounters interference as nerves pass through your spinal column. This interference is caused from the traumas I mentioned above that happen over the course of years starting at birth and continuing regularly throughout your life.  The longer this interference is present often times the longer it takes to correct. BUT once corrected your body can now heal on its own without drugs or surgery as it has for millions of TRUCHIRO patients around the world for over one hundred years.  TRUCHIROPRACTORS find this interference and remove it so your body can heal naturally.

This corrective process takes time. This is where the gym analogy comes in as you may be wondering. It is ridiculous to think that after years of letting your body go you can go to the gym for a week and have your dream body. Same is true with chiropractic and your TRUCHIRO… it is ridiculous to think after years of trauma and interference to your nervous system you can suddenly be well in a week. A TRUCHIRO can and will remove the interference but it takes time and ultimately your body will be healthier and be able to take care of itself better than it ever could before.


TRU CHIROPRACTIC works but it takes time and repetition. IT WORKS for everyone…it works for every nervous system but it takes time. Don’t let 20-30 or more years of damage stop you from receiving the TRU benefits of TRU CHIROPRACTIC. Let your body take the time to heal and take care of itself and you will be amazed with the results. Let your TRUCHIRO do what needs to be done to allow your body to heal.




A TRUCHIRO practices the way chiropractic was meant to be practiced…by removing nerve interference so your nervous system can function as close to optimally as possible. Since your nervous system controls and regulates every other system in your body a better functioning nervous system means a better functioning whole body which means a healthier you.  TRU CHIROPRACTIC is not just about getting rid of a symptom or two, TRU CHIROPRACTIC is about keeping your nervous system as healthy as possible for as long as possible so you can live your full health potential for life starting at birth until your oldest age. If you want this for you and your family then please find a TRUCHIRO near you at


If you are a TRUCHIRO and would like to be part of our team please find out more at

About Truchiro

TRUCHIRO is the brain child of Dr. Clint Steele. In 1993 Dr. Steele graduated from chiropractic college and set out to change the world’s health. Unfortunately, what he found in the real world was not what he was taught in school.

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