Brain Based Patient Education


We do all the work for you in this patient education and retention program. FREE for 6 months as part of the Brain Based Practice Blueprint.


If you want to create a lifetime wellness based practice you need to consistently educate your patients with the TRUTH of brain based care when they are IN the office BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY when they are OUT of the office.Why? Because your patients spend more time out of your office then in.

This is exactly what I did in taking my pain-based, high-stress, high turnover, high overhead, low PVA, low-profit margin practice to a lifetime wellness-based, high PVA (100+), low stress, low overhead, high-profit margin, FUN, MORE IMPACTFUL practice!

And I did it by copying big pharma, by shifting the paradigm through a series of very successful, systematic, consistent, and persistent strategies.



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Our Patient Education System includes:

  • 2 texts a week are sent to your following that appear as they are coming directly from YOU.
    • Patients LOVE these and we have a 95% open rate!
    • Monday’s text is more inspirational in nature and is intended to start their week off right
    • Thursday’s text is more educational, sharing information on brain based care.
    • Texts include videos, links to research, blogs we write and information that will help patients reduce their exposure to the 3 T’s, trauma, toxins and thoughts.
      (this includes up to 500 numbers, we recommend texting only current active patients. if you need to add additional numbers it is 400 numbers for $50 per month)
  • A weekly email sent to your following that appears as though it’s coming from YOU also includes information about:
    • A specific “table talk” topic that focuses on a condition or health issue chiropractic can help with OTHER than pain
    • Reducing one’s exposure to the 3 T’s.
  • Pre-made professionally designed handouts: that we provide that you can simply print on Monday and hand out to your patients when they come in for their adjustment that week. This handout will piggyback on the email content, text content and social media content.
  • We will provide you with talking points for your table talk topics during the week so each time your patient lies on the table you will be able to take 15-20 seconds to educate them on the TRUTH!
  • Professionally Developed Social Media Images: each week we will provide you with a social media image that is sure to grab the attention of your audience.
  • Daily Facebook posting on your practice business page (that we post for you) Monday through Friday.
    • Monday’s post is a specific table talk topic (as mentioned above, focusing on something other than pain)
    • We then build on that topic throughout the week with other posts
    • FB posts include a live video we do on that particular topic, research, blogs, graphics and also information about reducing one’s exposure to the 3 T’s, trauma, toxins and thoughts


Why Rely On Someone Who Does Not Know The TRUTH of brain based care to educate your patients and community. We are not only experts when it comes to the TRUTH of chiropracTIC but we have been doing this for over 6 years and we know what works and what doesn’t!

We know how to get your following to consume what we deliver to SHIFT THEIR PARADIGM so they stay with you for LIFE!

In order to have something different…you need to do something different.


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