Our Brain Based Practice Blueprint provides Chiropractors with tools, technology & training they need to shift the focus from pain to Brain so they can stop worrying about being:

  • Dependent On New Patients
  • Dependent On Insurance
  • Stuck In The Pain Model
  • Stressed & Burnt Out
  • Financially Stressed
  • Constantly Working With Little Time For Vacations
  • Worried About Retention
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According to the National Institute of Health over 90% of illness/disease is caused by stress.

Over 90% of your community is suffering from what we refer to as Stressed Brain Syndrome.

Stressed Brain Syndrome is the brain and nervous system’s inability to adapt to and recover from stress.

The good news is that it can be reversed and this is the power of moving from pain to brain. Our Brain Based Practice Blueprint will help you do just that.


Chiropractors who work with us in moving from pain to brain have experienced:

  • 75% increase in acceptance rates
  • 200% increase in retention rates 
  • 200% increase in referral rates
  • 5X-10X income
  • Attracting new patients who want more than just pain relief
  • Decreased stress
  • Less time in the office and more time with your family 
  • Reignited passion for chiropractic
  • Most importantly, making more of an impact and saving more lives

3 Steps to move from pain to brain

Step 1

Watch/Listen to our free webinar/podcast.

Step 2

Schedule a free discovery call

Step 3

Implement our Brain Based Practice Blueprint

What Is The Brain Based Model Of Chiropractic ?

Let’s start with a very simple question. What coordinates EVERY function in your entire body?

Yes of course it is your brain. Not only does it coordinate every function in your entire body, but it also coordinates every decision you make in your life!

So if we know the brain coordinates every function in our entire body and your patients know this then why would we want to start anywhere else before at least considering the CAUSE of any patient’s health issues start with poor brain function? If we are truly doctors of cause, shouldn’t we be looking at the cause of their health issues?

According to numerous experts including the NIH, the cause of over 90% of all disease is STRESS. More specifically it is the inability for the brain and nervous system to be able to adapt to and recover from stress. It is at the foundation of OVER 90% of ALL DISEASE! This includes not only pain but sleep issues, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, headaches, hormonal issues, reproductive issues, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and even more severe issues including things like autoimmune issues, cancer, dementia, Alzheimers Dz, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, and so much more!

In addition, it is estimated that 90% of your community is suffering from an overstressed brain and nervous system. 90%!!! Most of whom are just covering up symptoms with medications because they don’t know what else they can do while damage to their brain continues

Imagine when word gets out that you are a brain and nervous system specialist instead of being known as a back pain specialist? Imagine what would happen to your practice, to your retention, to your referrals, to your income and most importantly to the impact on your health, the health of your family and the health of your community? IF you actually measured in live time how the brain adapts to and recovers from stress and then improved your patients brain function by providing the right care for that specific person’s brain and nervous system patterns.

If you are ready to truly walk into your greatness and become what you are meant to be as a chiropractor who focuses on the true cause of disease then now is the time.

We will show you the way.


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